Sunday, October 6, 2013

Style Inspiration: Abby Normal

This outfit was inspired by Abby Normal, of the book "Bite Me: A Love Story," by Christopher Moore. The book is the third in his series "Bloodsucking Fiends," of which I read the first two only recently. Abby Normal is one of the best characters ever, though. She's super bad ass and fights vampires while wearing fabulous outfits and tells people "You rock my stripy socks," and also is my spirit animal.
'Kayso, if you haven't read the series before, it's about Jody, who becomes a vampire in the first book, and C. Thomas Flood whom she meets then and turns into a vampire in the second. In that book, they meet Abby, who they hire to assist them in buying apartments and things since they can't go out during the day. The last book, which I read first, is mainly from her point of view, as San Fransisco (the setting of the series) is being taken over by vampire cats.
There are all of these awesome characters though, like Jared, her best friend who was with her when she met Flood and Jody while buying allergenic eyeliner at the drug store. He borrows her thigh-high red boots and then argues with another character about whether it was Buddah or Morrissey who first said "Life is pain." So basically, he's amazing.
Among her described outfits are green plastic skirts, bright pink fishnets and combat boots, a red wedding dress (that, when worn with combat boots, is very difficult to run in), and multiple colors of hair that include lavender pigtails, and magenta with violet tips.
For my outfit, I wore a bright blue tank top, a pink plaid skirt, purple striped tights, and pink docs. I also wore a leather jacket, because one of their weapons to fight the vampire cats are leather jackets that have really bright lights embedded into them (hence the enhanced light in my pictures). I also wore lavender lipstick because one of her friends in the book does.
Outfit Details:
Skirt, Shirt, and Jacket: Forever 21
Tights: Micheals
Shoes: Doc Martens
I hope you have a très cool day!

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