Friday, May 3, 2013

Happy Beltane!

Outfit Details- Blouse: [My mom's, but I think from] #forever21, Belt: #forever21, Skirt: [Also my mom's, but I think from] Gap, Boots: #BetseyJohnson
Happy Beltane (May Day)!! Yeah, ok, it was on Wednesday (Is that right? Wednesday?), but I haven't gotten a chance to post my pictures. Well, I probably have had many chances, but then I watched Doctor Who, and then it was suddenly midnight. Wibbly-wobbly-timey-whimey (Sorry if that's spelled wrong).... Yeah. That's my excuse.
Anyway, these are my pictures. The last one (in black and white) is possibly one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken/been in, hence the "extra-large" sizing. I kind of wish I was super good at editing because then I could have taken out the broken trampoline in the background, but I could always come up with some reason/excuse for it to go with the picture. I love it for a few main reasons:
-I'm twirling (I think you all can guess at my propensity for twirling pictures)
-The shadow (I love pictures of shadows. I don't know why, I just like the shapes...)
-The sun (Lens-flair!)
-The lace. The lacy collar-thing on the neck and back of my shirt billowed out unbeknownst to me while I was spinning, and with this shot, it reminds me of wings.
Obviously, I had some fun with the editing of these photos, because I was bored and felt like doing something different than usual. When I was playing with the second-to-last one, I accidentally made myself green. I don't know how, but I loved it. I figured I should do a normal one with the rest of the pictures, but I really wanted to include the green one. I don't know, I'm weird and being green seemed really cool.
 Oh, and if anyone was wondering, I always just use iPhoto for editing. I'm not really fancy enough to use anything else.
For my makeup, I took white eyeliner and drew sort of streaks running from below my eyes to my cheek bones, then did a sort of winged-eyeliner type of thing but with green eyeshadow. Then, I loaded a section of a blush brush with the same green and dotted it over the white lines. I thought it turned out kind of cool.
With my hair, I just put on the lavender flower crown that I made a while ago, then pinned a bunch of other flowers over that.
Lastly, I think every May Day needs some musical accompaniment, so here's a link to my chosen song of the day (or Wednesday): May Queen, by Kate Nash. My friend and I ran around our maypole to this, and then we made a May Day basket for one of our other friends, and left it on her door step.
I hope you had a glitterific May Day!