Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Evil Mermaids

Outfit Details:
Flannel- Vintage
Shirt- #Forever21
Skirt- Gap
Tights- #Forever21
Socks- #Forever21
Shoes- (knock off) Doc Martins
Star Clip- DIY
My outfit today was inspired by mermaids, but the evil kind. 
 I embraced my blue hair, and made the whole outfit blue and black, with mermaid-like features. I borrowed my mom's black pleated skirt, and put it over a black crinoline, and the pleats reminded me of a mermaid tail, but the kind of stripy part at the bottom. I put my hair in pin curls, then cut a starfish out of black felt and pinned it in. For my makeup, I used a blue eyeshadow, and did a line at my upper lashes, at the crease, and below my lower lashes, each with a cat-eye-type of swoop at the end. I then did a thin back cat-eye, and a few short Twiggy sort of lines on the bottom. For my lipstick, I used Revlon Va-Va-Violet, over lightly applied black eyeliner. 
I hope you all have a glitterific day, with lots of evil (or nice) mermaids!

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