Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Baby Spice Meets Kate Nash

Outfit Details- Dress: Thrift store, Belt: Forever 21, Shoes: Daddyo's
Ok, so this (again) is from a while ago (I think May), but I wore it the week after I went to a Kate Nash concert. I know I'm more than two months late on my recap of it, but it was so amazing. She's essentially my favorite person ever because she's super bad ass and she's a feminist, and she makes amazing music, and she just seems like the raddest person ever. So, that was pretty much my favorite day ever.
She wore kind of maroon lipstick, thick Egyptian-esque eyeliner, and messy pigtails, and I'm pretty sure that every girl there went home and wore the same thing the next day, as did I. I got this dress down in L.A. before the concert, and couldn't wait to wear it. It kind of reminded me of Baby Spice, especially with the pigtails, but the outfit was also inspired by Kate Nash, hence the title.
The concert was also amazing because everyone there just seemed really cool. It felt like we were all in a girl gang for the night, and that was so cool. The crowd was pretty diverse, but a lot of it was made up by teenaged girls dressed similarly to me: most of us were in retro-style skirts and dresses with fishnets or other tights, either combat-boots or creepers, and thick black (often glittery) eyeliner and red lipstick.
I wore the green dress from "The Riot Grrrl Jacket" post, with black fishnets and my docs, and black cat-ears.
Here are some of the pictures that my mom and I took of the concert:
 After the show she was signing autographs at the merchandise booth
 She signed my vinyl of Girl Talk which was super amazing!
It was so awesome because after she signed my vinyl, I got to hug her and my mom took a picture of us for me, and it pretty much made my life because she said that she loved my dress and asked where I got it and now it's my favorite dress because it's "Kate Nash Approved". Also, I got to use a double meaning in my title.
I hope you have a fantastic day!

Stormey-Sky Kitten (Inspired in Part By Tavi Gevinson )

Outfit Details- Sweater: Forever 21, Skirt: American Apparel, Crinoline: Vintage, Leggings: Kmart, Shoes: Daddyo's, Crown: DIY
I also wore this a few months ago, right after I bleached my blue hair, during a week or so that I seriously could not figure out what to wear each day. Every night I'd just spend about an hour pouring over articles and photo shoots on Rookie and other websites and blogs, and trying desperately to be inspired. I ended up going through every single picture of Tavi Gevinson on Google Images, and used the common elements of her outfits, such as:
-Patterned tights
-Black pull-over sweater with white image
-Gathered skirt/tutu
-Platform shoes
-Flower Crown
-Thick black eyeliner
And thus, this outfit was born.
I hope you have a splendid day!

Lacey Tights

Outfit Details- Blouse, White Tights and Belt: Forever 21, Skirt: Thrift Store, Boots: (knock-off) Doc Martins
I had this round of pictures from a few months ago when my hair was blue, but I never got a chance to post them.
I wore a bubble-hemmed skirt with two safety pins in the front, gathering it up, and a pair of plain black tights with a pair of lacey white ones over.
I hope you have a stupendous day!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Miss Quincea

Outfit Details- Dress: Hand-me-down, Shorts: Vintage, Tights: h&m, Boots: (knock-off) Doc Martins, Bows: Claire's
 So, this is what I wore two weeks ago on my birthday. I wore a black lace dress with lavender lace bloomer-shorts, and striped tights. I put my hair in pigtails and black bows. I also wore four bracelets: A pink glitter-filled rubber one from the arcade in the bowing alley, a rainbow skull one from my godmother, a red heart one from the flea market, and a green kind of wicker one that my friend brought back for me from I think Mexico.
Since I turned fifteen, I decided that I needed to have a Quinceanera, even if I have pretty much no Hispanic heritage. Since I'm me, it also had to involve zombies. Here are the pictures from my Zombie-Quinceanera:
 I wore a thrift-store wedding dress that we found for 20 dollars. I laid it out in the backyard and burned a bunch of holes in it, then splattered it with fake blood. I also had a "Miss Quince" sash, and a half-melted crown.
 My guests included two other zombies and two humans.
 For my cake, I had three different-colored layers (one of which broke, but we figured it was a zombie cake, so it kind of worked), with white and red icing. We made it one of those barbie-cakes, but I took the barbie outside first and burned/melted half of her face with a lighter. I stuck half-gummy worms in it, and filled the cracks with black icing.
After we ate cake and did presents, we watched "Warm Bodies," which is one of my favorite movies, then we made a giant blanket fort. We used six sheets, slinging one over the beam, and tying the others to it. We took all of the cushions off of the couches and laid them on the floor like a huge mattress. Whenever my sister or I make a fort using one set of sheets that are covered in cats, we always call it a "Kitty-Cat Castle," after one that she made a few years ago.
I hope you have a splendid day!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Polka Dots and Lemonade

Outfit Details- Dress: Thrifted (originally Forever 21), Belt: Forever 21, Shoes: Target
I wore this outfit to help my sister with her lemonade stand. She's about to be a freshman in College, and I'm about to be a sophomore in High School, so a few people asked how old we were, and I think we ended up with about 8 dollars, but it was fun.
I wore a thrifted polka dot dress with a red belt, and my high-tops. I put my hair in two buns and added my DIY-ed, glittery bat pin.
I hope you all have a marvelous day!

I Own Sneakers.

Outfit Details- Dress: Forever 21, Sneakers: Target, Hat: Most likely some sort of party store
In these pictures you can at least see some little bit of my room, and I'm still planning to post a few of it over-all. I'm about 99 percent sure that I haven't had a single post where I wore sneakers. Most-likely because I didn't own any, and partially kind of boycotted them... Until now. I don't really hate sneakers or anything, but most of them just kind of annoy me. I usually avoid them except for the horrible running shoes that I have to wear for P.E. This is in part, I think, the reason for my animosity towards athletic footwear. If I hear sneakers, I think of the bulky, foamy-rubber-soled, white running shoes I've been wearing for about an hour a day since 7th grade. When I needed tennis shoes for hikes or runs, I usually just borrowed my mom's. People (mostly my parents) have been telling me for ages that I ought to get a pair, but whenever I looked, I just never liked any. Finally, I found this pair of men's high-tops at Target, and didn't hate them. I tried them on and liked them, although I quickly changed back into my Doc Martins as soon as they were confirmed to fit. Once I got home, I started thinking of outfits I could wear them with, and put this together the next day.
High-tops always make me feel like a little kid, which is fun, so I paired them with my apple-print, peter-pan-collared dress. I came across this cowboy hat somehow, liked it, and put it on. I decided that only pig-tails could give justice to the outfit, so grabbed some hair ties. Over-all, I was kind of digging the look.
I hope you all have a delightful day!
P.S. If you noticed, I haven't used "Have a glitterific day" for the past two posts, because I've ended every post for the past year with it, and I'm kind of bored of it. I want to use some other adjectives.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Think the People at Home Depot Think I'm Weird.

Outfit Details- Dress: Vintage, Sweater and Belt: Forever 21, Boots: (knock off) Doc Martins, Purse:
So, in what (I think) is the first glance at my new room (as it was a couple weeks ago), this is what I wore to run over to Home Depot for some more paint. I think we ran over there at least five times in about a week. Each day I wore a different outfit, and (for the second half of the week) a different hair color. My outfits ranged from old P.E. shirts (as seen in the last pictures) and vintage skirts, thrown on over old shorts in an effort to look semi-presentable, to floor-length dresses and combat boots (as shown in the first pictures). Each was met with odd looks and couples pausing their searches for just the right color for their accent walls in order to (very subtly) glance at the peculiarly colored girl. Strangely, it was my second hair color that received the more positive responses, contrary to what I would have guessed. Wondering what my current color is? I actually didn't get any pictures right after I dyed it, and it's kind of faded now, but I'll try and get some pictures up tomorrow. Until then, I did take a picture of the dye before I used it.
For whatever reason, all of the men who were about my grandpa's age working there just loved my green hair. They all just pointed to it and said something about what a lovely shade of green it was, or that I was very festive for St. Patrick's day (which isn't until March).
It's always kind of cool to see how people will react to my hair, and who will. I'm almost always surprised with the results. Sure, you get some weird looks or comments (for instance, with the hair color in the above pictures, which I kind of liked faded, I was told that it looked like I was "prematurely graying," which only makes me want to dye my hair silver even more), but it's always fun when kooky old women come up to you on the street and ask you how you did your hair, because they've been thinking about doing theirs, and do you think they should try it out? The answer is nearly always, "Yes."
I hope you have a magnificent day,

Monday, July 8, 2013

Bedsheet Skirts

Outfit Details- Shirt: Old Navy, Skirt: An old sheet (DIY?), Tights: Target, Boots: (Knock off) Doc Martins, Crown: DIY
Sorry I haven't posted anything for a while again, but we were finishing up my room (which I will post pictures of soon), and then it was my birthday (I am officially 15 now), and then we had my party, and 4th of July, and all kinds of things, so I haven't gotten a chance. I wore this outfit back in February or March based on my vague memory of when it was and my hair color.
I remember it was kind of cold and a little bit drizzly out, so I wanted to wear something cozy and warm, and thought, "Hey? What's cozier than bedding?" so I wore a sheet. I briefly considered fashioning some frat-party-style toga, then considered doing a quick stitch through it, but ended up doing a no-sew gathered skirt that allows you to still use it as a sheet when you're done. I don't have any pictures of how I did it, but I simply laid out the sheet, folded it down to the length I wanted it, then slipped a ribbon through the crease. Then, you can just push the fabric towards the middle until it's the width of your waist, and tie it around yourself. I wore black tights and black shorts under it, and put one safety pin a few inches under the waist band to keep from any awkward, wind-induced situations, but allowed a slit up the side. It made it so that when I walked, the back flowed out behind me, and the front just kind of draped across my knees.
I also wore a pink flower crown of my own creation. I just took a headband and glued a ton of fake flowers to it for that.
I hope you have a glitterific day!