Friday, August 31, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon...

 Outfit Details:
Shirt- An Ingrid Michaelson Concert
Dress- #Asos
Tights- #Target
Belt- From another dress
In case you didn't hear, there actually is a blue moon out tonight, and there won't be another until something like 2015. It only seems fitting though, that it would be today that something crazy would happen. When I got home, I checked my stats, and I somehow have something like 630 views! It's not like I haven't had spikes in the page views before, but it's always exciting when that happens! So I just wanted to thank everyone for supporting my blog and coming back to look at it, or those people who may or may not be sitting at home hitting the refresh button over and over.
I hope you all have an extra supercalifragilisticexpialidocios-ly glitterific day!
P.S. I know that the link to get a sponsorship spot was being wonky, but it should be fixed now.
P.P.S. Don't you love floating pictures? I love those and they're so fun to take (Even if you look really weird jumping up and down in a pose for 5-10 minutes)!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Flighty in the 60's

 Outfit Details:
Dress- #Forever21
Heart Sweater Clips- DIY
Tights- DIY
Saddle Shoes- Shoe Buy
This dress just reminds me of a 60's flight attendant. Technically, I wore my black Doc Martins to school, but these rad saddle shoes where waiting in the mail for me when I got home from my sewing class, and I've been walking around the house in them ever since. I made myself some knee-patch tights, and if your interested, here's how I did it:
1-2 bottles of fabric paint
1 pair of tights (I got mine at Target for cheap)
A few pieces of cardboard (I just grabbed some out of the recycling bin)
A pair of scissors
1 Pen
 1. Fold a thin piece of cardboard or packaging (whatever you have lying around) in half, and draw half of a heart or just about any symmetrical shape on it, and cut it out.
 2. Put on the tights, using a marker or pen to show where the center of your knee is. After taking them off, work another piece of cardboard (about the width of your knee) down so that the tights are stretched out like they would be when on you, but cover the cardboard with cellophane or something first so it won't stick. Place the heart stencil down, and carefully paint over with whatever color of paint you want. I used white but you can try doing all different color combinations with the tights and the paint.
 3. Paint a few layers, until you can barely see the color of the tights through the paint, and let it sit for a few hours, or overnight.
 I didn't use cellophane on the cardboard the first time I did it, and ended up with bits of paper all over the back, but I just soaked it in the sink before washing it and it came off ok.

 You should end up with something like this. Good luck :)
I hope you have yourself an immensely glitterific day!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

500 Page Veiws!

Outfit details:
Dress- Vintage
Tights- #Forever21
Shoes- #Modcloth
That's right! This little blog right here has been viewed more than 500 times! I know that doesn't seem like much, but it's only been up for about two months, so I think that's pretty good! To celebrate, I'm giving YOU the chance to have a free sponsorship spot here on my blog! Just use the code QUIRKY at the checkout and it should be free. You can mosey on over to Passionfruit Ads and get your very own sponsorship spot!

Statistics: As I said, I've had over 500 page views, with about 10 a day, and usually about 50 a week. You can take a gander at my statistics for yourself right here. For some reason, it says I only have one follower, even though multiple people have shown me that they're following me too. I've looked it up and other people have had this problem too, so you'll just need to take my word for that there are more than one :). If you have any questions, email me at!
I hope your day was filled with at least 500 flecks of glitter!

Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School

I know right? Pretty exciting. Yeah, I'm in High School now. Freshman. As always, I got many a comment on my hair and outfit, whether they were "Omigod! I love your hair!" or "Is that your real hair?! Or is that a wig?!" But currently, my hair really does look like it could be a wig, as that Pink Bob wig style seems to be very popular. Oh yeah, I happen to have chopped off my decaying locks for a shorter, bob-style cut. I like it, and it's much better than the gross, elasticy feeling that my hair was getting from so much bleaching lately. It still has a little bit of that, but it's much better. So, for the most important part of the first day of school: My outfit. Here you go:
Outfit details:
Dress- #Forever21
Tights- #Anthropology
Shoes- #Asos
Isn't this just the sweetest dress you ever did see? I love everything from the adorable peter pan collar, to the delicious looking apples that make up the print!
 It's weird because my hair's obviously a lot shorter, but it doesn't have that feeling of "Where did all of my hair go?!?!" But that might also be because I have the aforementioned hair sitting on my dresser in a plastic bag. Wow. That sounded like a serial killer. Does it count if it's locks of my own hair? Hmmm... These are very important questions.

Well, I hope you all have had an exceptionally glitterific day today, whether you attended your first day of High School, or battled a raccoon outside of a biker bar.
P.S. I also got new cat-eye glasses, which you can find here, on eBay! :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to Pink

 Before                              After
 This summer I finally got to have my long dreamed of turquoise hair, and I loved it, but, as the new school year is looming ever closer, it was time to tone it down a little bit. So, pastel pink was the obvious choice for school-appropriate hair. Wondering how you can get your own head of candy-colored locks? Here's how I did it:
1- Bleach
I had my mom do that for me, but we first did a little bit around the roots, then worked it from the ends of my hair up, and then put it all over to make sure it was as even as possible. I left it on for about 45 minutes, to make sure it would be light enough for a pastel, but make sure that if you bleach your hair you don't leave it on for much longer than 45 minutes, because your hair will melt off. Seriously. It will be gross. Wash it out really well, shampooing multiple times, but not using conditioner.

2- Color

I used Hot Hot Pink, Manic Panic, but diluted it A LOT with color-safe conditioner. Really. If you want it pastel, DILUTE DILUTE DILUTE! I mostly filled my little color-cup thing with conditioner, and added a teensy tiny drop of pink to it, and stirred it up. You really don't need any more than a smidgen of the color. I left it on under a shower cap for bout an hour, but sense this ends up being like a deep conditioning treatment, you can leave it on for as long as you want because it won't damage your hair, and is really nice after all of the bleaching.
Once you wash it out, you should have cotton candy hair! Tuesday morning, I got to help out with a photo shoot on our farm, and my friend, Isabel and I got to model in a few of the pictures, which was a pretty awesome way to spend my first pink-haired day in a long time. See?
So, that's what good quality pictures look like on this! The picture was taken by Phillip Van Nostrand, a photographer who's taken some pictures here some other times too. I did my hair in victory rolls, which you can see better here.
Outfit details- Dress- #Forever21, Ribbon- From another dress, Shoes- #Modcloth
I hope you have a glitterifically pink day!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Regina Spektor

For my birthday, I was uber excited to receive a pair of tickets to see Regina Spektor in concert on Tuesday! If you are not yet aware of her awesomeness, then go right now and open a new tab. Then you should just know that she is amazing and is my favorite musician/person. "What kind of music does she play?" you may wonder, and to answere that I will include one of my favorite videos of hers below.
So my mom and I drove down to L.A. to see her at the Greek theater, but of course had to stop at Melrose Avenue first to go through some vintage stores and things. I ended up getting 4 new dresses at American Vintage that were super well priced, at about 20 dollars each, which is way super better than any dresses I've found around here in Santa Barbara. Most of those are anywhere from 50 to 100 dollars and more. So, that was pretty exciting, and then the day just got better when we made a trip to the Hollywood Cemetary on the way over to the concert, and walked around looking at all the cool gravestones and things. We even saw Toto's tomb! See?
And the day ended up actually at the concert, and it was so amazing! She was so wacky but awesome, and kept commenting on how we were in a "magical forest, filled with really nice people." and something about how all she really needed in life was "an f***ing forest and some nice people." I wish I had that thing in Harry Potter where I could just pull a memory hair out of my head and show everyone the whole thing, because I feel like I'm just going to keep going on and on about how magnificent it was, but I don't, so you'll just have to look up videos of her playing live, and pretend you're there.
 Above: Me and my mom at the concert
 Above: Regina Spektor on the keyboard, I think playing "Dance Anthem of the 80's"
Above: Regina Spektor
My Outfit:
Dress- DIY (originally from #h&m)
Belt- #Forever 21
Tights- #Forever21
Shoes- #Modcloth
So, over-all it was a pretty rad day, even if it was pretty hot out. I hope you had as glitterific of a Tuesday as I did!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Abraham Lincoln & The Lochness Monster In Love

Yes. You read the title of this post right. Abraham Lincoln & Nessie have fallen deeply in love, and they are drawn on my knee to prove it. See? They're hanging out with the friendly narwhal.
I have a whole theory about how Abraham Lincoln is TOTALLY secretly alive, and is hiding out with his love, Nessie. What if during the Civil War, he happened to stop by Scotland, to see if they could be made allies in the event that the confederate invented the atomic bomb, and then he got lost, and ended up at Lake Lochness, and then he met Nessie and they fell in love. But, you know, he was married and if the press found out that he'd left her for the Lochness Monster, then how would he ever get a job in politics again?! So, he decided to fake his death! Come on, James Wilkes Booth was an actor! He was SO paid to shoot Lincoln with a stage prop! And then, Lincoln just pretended to die, and used fake blood, and that's why that one guy who's trying to get the pillow with the blood on it to do DNA samples isn't allowed to use it! Because they're trying to cover up the truth! So then, Abe boarded a pirate ship secretly, and then slaughtered the pirates and used the ship ti make a log cabin to live in, and made a fake hollow rock-thing to cover in and fill it with air and keep it from detection. And he and Nessie live there to this day, as they are both immortal and in love! I am currently making a picture book about it, and have the first few pages done. If you happen to be wondering, or not, UnEarthed has more than 70 pages now, and about 12 chapters. 
 Also, I was excited to find that this very blog has currently more than 380 views! Yes! That's right! This very blog, started by a wacky teenaged girl just a little more than a month ago, happens to have been looked at close to 400 times, by people all around the world! I don't know about you, but I think that's kind of cool!
I hope  you have a glitterific day, filled with Abraham Lincoln conspiracy theories, and many a narwhal!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Carousel Rides

 Dress- #Forever 21
Belt- #Forever 21
Crinoline- Vintage
Tights- Costume Store around Halloween
Oxfords- Payless
T-straps- #Asos

Isn't this a fun outfit shoot? It was fun doing it, because you know, it was on a CAROUSEL for a lot of it! I wanted to get some fun pictures to use for banners and things, and so I thought "What's circus-y and quirky? A CAROUSEL!" Sorry for the capital letters, I just really like the carousel. And I was happy I got to wear my new T-straps in the shoot. I drug my friends Michelle and Isabel downtown with me, lugging around that awesome vintage turquoise suitcase (which is much heavier than it looks), receiving some very odd looks and a few requests to take pictures of us, but we got a bunch of really cool pictures! Plus it was so much fun riding on the carousel and frolicking through the park around it.
I hope your day is a glitterific one!