Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rainbows On Acid

Skipping over multiple hair colors and every outfit I've worn for the past month, this is what I wore today. I've been busy every weekend with various theater productions, and haven't been very good about posting. I plan to post my stored up pictures this weekend, but I just really wanted to go through the ones that I just took. I redyed my hair a few days ago, bleaching it for the first time since April or May, and now it's bright neon green. It has streaks of orange, pink, and teal, and I like to describe it as an "Acid Trip Rainbow."
I wore my apple dress again, once more with safety pins in the collar, although this time they're placed differently, and ripped tights. I doodled anarchy symbols on the tights in green sharpie, and it left cool markings all over my legs when I changed. I have also been wearing this belt a lot lately, as it perfectly matches my hair. It's a neon green, translucent and glittery plastic belt. It's my favorite.
I hope you have a very metal day,