Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blanket Fort

Outfit Details- Blouse and Slip/Crinoline: Vintage, Socks: Payless, Crown: DIY
A week ago, I decided that I wanted to make a blanket fort. So I made one, and spent most of the past week in it, reading and listening to music. I finally got a chance to take pictures in it, and since this is the last day of summer, I did a quick photo shoot. I wore a vintage Dior blouse over an old slip attached to a crinoline. I also wore sheer grey knee-highs, and a dried flower crown.
My fort is made up of two sheets strung over my fold-out couch, with Halloween lights hung inside, and filled with pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, books, my iHome, and a nerf gun to fend off any attackers, and most often a cat.
I made a playlist of songs to listen to in my fort:
I made it with 8tracks, which is a really cool website for making playlists and things. Here are my mixes.
I hope you have a wonderful day, filled with many a blanket fort!

A Black Slip and Blue Hair

Outfit Details- Slip and Skirt: Vintage, Boots: (knock off) Doc Martins, Jacket: Thrifted/DIY

This is what I wore last night to a movie with my friends. I wore a black slip under a black skirt that I got at a flea-market a few months ago. I wore my hair in messy pigtails with a black bow.
I hope you have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Outfit Details- Dress and Hat: Vintage, T-shirt: The Mormons, Belt and Pants: Forever 21, Boots: (knock off) Doc Martins
This is what I wore today to meet some friends for lunch and walk to a park. I kind of loved this outfit. The dress and the hat/headpiece together were kind of like a little old lady, which is always awesome, but I pared them with a punk t-shirt and my docs. I wore the dress buttoned only with one button over my Mormons shirt and my black cigarette-legged pants, with the sleeves of my shirt rolled over the sleeves of the dress, and a black belt. I carried my brown bear-bag from K-mart.
I hope you have a nice day!

Sophomore Orientation

Outfit Details- Smiths Shirt: Everything English, Crinoline: Sam's, Boots: (knock off) Doc Martins
This is what I wore to sophomore orientation on Monday. On that day, we take out school pictures and hand in our registration forms and everything. Last year at this time, I had a bright-pink bob, and so when you get to my page in the yearbook, it only takes about two seconds to find me. For now, I can just see how my yearbook pictures will look by my ID card, shown below:
(I blurred out my ID number, because if someone had it, they could do all sorts of fiendish things, like checking out library books in my name and returning them over-due.)
My friends said that my pictured looked badass and like I was about to punch someone, but I think that was mostly just the blue-ish hair and black lipstick.
I wore my Smiths shirt, which I got for my birthday, but it didn't quite fit right so we were going to return it. In the morning, because I felt like wearing it, I did a quick alteration that completely fixed it. It was a little bit tight, so I made a vertical cut about half-way up the back, then tied the loose ends together, bunching it up around the middle. It made it sort of a half-shirt that worked well with my high-waisted crinoline.
I hope you have a fabulous day!

Rainbow Stripes

Outfit Details- Dress: Modcloth, Jacket: Thrift store/DIY, Tights and Belt: Forever 21, Boots: (knock off) Doc Martins
I wore this outfit out to dinner with my parents and their friends. I wore my rainbow dress, fishnets, my docs, and my denim jacket. I included a picture of my bookshelf, because I love my bookshelf. Right now, it supports half of the blanket fort I constructed on Sunday and decided to live in forever. I will be shooting some pictures in/of it hopefully tomorrow, because it's kind of a boss fort.
I wish you all a wonderful day!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Flower Crown Matches My Social D Shirt.

Outfit Details- T-shirt: (stolen/borrowed from my parents), Skirt: Vintage, Shorts: Aerie, Stockings: Modified tights, Shoes: Payless
This is what I wore today, because my parents were out for most of the day and I got bored, so I just kind of played dress up. I played a bunch of loud music, alternating between 60's girl groups and 70's punk, and put this outfit together. I made the flower crown specifically for this outfit, out of a fake plotted plant I got at Micheal's while they were selling 2 dollar grab bags filled with random and wonderful things. I bought 3. Two were packed with dozens of fake flowers, and one contained this fake plant and a ton of other stuff too. It was amazing.
I paired my crown with my Social Distortion t-shirt, ruffled lace shorts under a sheer ballet skirt, striped stockings, and polka dot heels. I also put on some green lipstick because I watched Ghost World the other night and I've been wearing green lipstick almost every day since. Plus, it looks awesome with my newly teal hair.
I hope you have a wondrous day!


Outfit Details- Shirt: DIY, Crinoline: Vintage, Shoes: Daddy-o's
I wore this outfit about a week ago, while my hair was kind of this mix of various pastel colors. Most of it was lavender and aqua, which I like to refer to as "My Little Pony" hair, because it completely looks like it would be on a pony tail.
I wore my skeleton-hands shirt, a pale pink crinoline, black tights, and my cat shoes. I put a pink bow clip in my hair, and stuck star-shaped silver confetti under my eyes.
I hope you have a superb day!