Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Catcher in the Rye

This was a photo shoot that I did for an English project a few months ago. It was for a unit on Catcher in the Rye (which I really liked) where we had to express a theme from the novel using some sort of creative thing with visuals or audio or something. I chose the theme of "loss of innocence" and immediately thought of The Virgin Suicides and Ginger Snaps. I borrowed two of my friends who are sisters and dressed them up in girly pastels and little kid jewelry.
I shot the photos through a little hole in a piece of paper which I had crayoned shades of pink. I started playing with this a few months ago and it's really fun. I love how the pictures come out. I then printed out the pictures and made collages around them. They look better in person but my scanner isn't very good and my teacher currently has the originals.
I came up with a basic plot of two sisters who are super close, with the older one being very protective of the youngers innocence, yet being a "bad" influence, like Holden. I had someone endangering her innocence, and the older sister "taking care of it," but really just ruining any innocence she had left.
Thanks you to Raven, the younger sister, Ember, the elder, and Luke, the boy, for modeling.
Have a lovely day.