Saturday, December 13, 2014

Chloe Stardust-Love

On Monday my outfit was mostly made up of "why not"s, including a green vintage dress with leopard-print tights, red tie-dye socks and high-tops, with my dad's old acid-green vest. It's actually been semi-wintry lately so I've been wearing a big sweater everyday but since I wanted to wear the vest instead I just wore knit leg warmers on my arms. I also put my hair in buns with satin bows and did my makeup like David Bowie because it's the best way to do your makeup.
 With my hair bleached out and most often unwashed, I've been feeling kind of Courtney Love, so I've been wearing tons of black eyeliner with vintage nightgowns and dresses. On Wednesday I pinned my feminist rosette and the second half of "World Peace Is None of Your Business" (as I tragically lost the "World Peace" pin) on my nighty which is mostly held together in the back with rows and rows of safety pins.
Have a lovely day!