Friday, April 22, 2016

Baby's Breath Princess

Dress: DIY (?), Tights: Forever 21, Shoes and Socks: Modcloth
My sister ordered jellies online but they were too big for her and then I got some new ones recently but they were just a bit too small and we ended up trading because they fit each other perfectly so that worked out and now I can wear jellies more which is super chill.
Today I wore the bottom layer of my wedding dress' skirt as a dress by pinning the waistband over my shoulders and, like, now it's a dress? I also tied a purple ribbon at the waist because it's real fluffy and it kept getting in the way. It still has a few fake bloodstains and burn marks, but you know. #relatableteenproblems
I also wore sparkly light blue tights and gray frilly socks along with a baby's breath headband that I made a few weeks ago.
I hope you have a glitterific day!

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