Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Pastel Prairie

 Coat: Old Navy, Shoes: Target
I just finished this dress and bonnet last night and I love how they turned out! I used this pattern in B with a few adjustments like the collar, made out of an old sheet from the thrift store for fabric. I used left over fabric to make the cap, using this baby bonnet pattern by Storybook Woods. I just printed out the image they have on the site of the side pattern and sized it up by I think 150% so that it would fit my not-baby-sized head and then used some scrap paper curved around the top to make a pattern for the fabric down the middle because I didn't want to order the actual pattern since it wouldn't fit anyway. Before I sewed it I embroidered flowers on the sides and I added peach ribbons so that I can tie it under my chin if I want.
I wore it with a mustard coat with a little pink boutonniere I made for the lapel, black tights and my black Target flats.
I also baked a whole bunch of matcha cupcakes last night using this recipe from The Scran Line and they turned out really good! They said that the green would fade when they baked but I didn't add any food coloring and they still came out super bright green. I brought some to class today and everyone seemed to like them.
I hope you have a lovely day!

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