Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sophomore Orientation

Outfit Details- Smiths Shirt: Everything English, Crinoline: Sam's, Boots: (knock off) Doc Martins
This is what I wore to sophomore orientation on Monday. On that day, we take out school pictures and hand in our registration forms and everything. Last year at this time, I had a bright-pink bob, and so when you get to my page in the yearbook, it only takes about two seconds to find me. For now, I can just see how my yearbook pictures will look by my ID card, shown below:
(I blurred out my ID number, because if someone had it, they could do all sorts of fiendish things, like checking out library books in my name and returning them over-due.)
My friends said that my pictured looked badass and like I was about to punch someone, but I think that was mostly just the blue-ish hair and black lipstick.
I wore my Smiths shirt, which I got for my birthday, but it didn't quite fit right so we were going to return it. In the morning, because I felt like wearing it, I did a quick alteration that completely fixed it. It was a little bit tight, so I made a vertical cut about half-way up the back, then tied the loose ends together, bunching it up around the middle. It made it sort of a half-shirt that worked well with my high-waisted crinoline.
I hope you have a fabulous day!

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