Thursday, August 27, 2015

Second Day of Senior Year

Shirt: cultura y mas, Skirt: thrift store/diy, Shoes: Doc Martins, Socks: forever21
Today was the second day back at school and I'm a senior now which is really weird because I don't understand time or how it passes so quickly. Either way it's California in the midst of a drought so it's really really hot out and I hate it. To keep cool I wore this super rad shirt that my dad got me at fiesta which I promptly cut the sleeves off of, with the skirt that was once a dress from the thrift store and my docs. 
With the drought my tendency to wear fresh flowers in my hair as often as possible has become much more difficult as nearly all the plant life is dead. Luckily at the grocery store yesterday I found a nice bouquet of purpley flowers in the sale bin of flowers and made some into a crown this morning, which matches my hair quite nicely. I've been doing my makeup in pseudo-mod fashion with orangey eyeshadow and felt tipped eyeliner wings and lashes.
Have a glitterific day!

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