Monday, March 23, 2015

Not a Day for Shoes

Dress: Vintage, Belt: Forever 21, Shoes: Asos
This morning when I woke up I decided that today was not a day for shoes. I wore a pair of red canvas t-strap flats to school but after third period when the sun came out I just went the rest of the day barefoot.
I wore a floral and striped vintage dress with a glittery lavender belt and a (now wilted) daisy chain in my hair and after school we went to Micheal's and I got a bunch of fake flowers on sale, including this bunch of daisies.
During French class we had a sub and after I finished my work I just sat and listened to music and looked at clouds and trees out the door and it was nice and this song in particular.
I hope you have a lovely (and possibly barefoot) day!

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