Thursday, September 3, 2015

All You Need Is Moz (Jacket DIY)

Shirt: Cash4Chaos, Jacket: DIY, Skirt: Amazon, Socks: Modcloth, Sneakers: Forever21
Today was the first day that I got to wear my newly redone jacket to school which was nice because I really like this jacket, even if it's a bit wonky. 
I did my jacket in an attempt to emanate Moz's Elvis jacket in the Shoplifters video, to some degree of success?
If you want your own slightly creepy/super rad jacket, here's how I did mine:
 (original jacket)
 I used fuchsia Rit dye on my denim jacket using the Rookie tutorial.
 I sketched out little pictures of Morrissey's face first but I couldn't get the dimensions right.
I traced the basic features of his face off of my laptop and then poked through the paper onto the back of the jacket, which I'd painted out white.
 I proceeded to paint his face onto my jacket.
Faces are weird, especially on fabric because if the fabric folds or is in any way not perfectly flat it looks really weird and creepy, especially when it's thrown over the back of your chair late at night. Either way, I'm proud to wear a painting of Morrissey's face across my back each day.
Today I wore my jacket with a Morrissey t-shirt (because you can never have too much Moz- he's all you need, after all), my silver skirt and sneakers with frilly socks. I also fashioned a crown of green hydrangeas.
I hope you have a glitterific day!

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