Monday, June 18, 2012

My Movie Costume

Blouse- Forever 21
Crinoline- Most likely vintage
Socks- Victorian Vouge
Boots- Jedlicka's

 So, this is my costume for our movie, and although it's a costume, I do play just an exaggerated version of myself, mixed with the "Manic-pixie-dream-girl" type of a character, so this is just a normal outfit for me. Even with this, my grandma walked in my house this morning, and just said, "Well.... You certainly have a... unique style?" If you are wondering at all what this manic-pixie-dream-girl character is, you can look at this you tube video, that sort of pokes fun at them, although it kind of freaks me out to watch it, because, like the girls in the video, I love pancakes, poking peoples noses and saying "boop", playing with glitter, the song "New Slang," and dancing in the rain. Also, I would so get married in a bouncy house.
I hope you watch it, and have a glitterific day!

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