Monday, June 25, 2012

Purple Hair and Socks

For the past week or so, my hair has been slowly fading from a beautiful bright red to a pinkish-orange. I don't like it when it does that. So, I decided to change it to purple! Since it's summer, I'm allowed to do more fun colors (like purple), because then my teachers and everyone don't think I'm totally insane. Hence, the purple. Above, I've included not only a picture my violet hair, but three pairs of socks from Sock it to Me (, an amazing website that created the dinosaur socks from my first outfit post! Aren't these socks amazing? I love the mushrooms because they're so whimsical, and the Zombies, because I love Zombies. They're so cool, running/limping around, eating brains, not caring what people say about them. They're the theme of my birthday party next week. And the mustaches are cool, because who doesn't love a good handlebar mustache? Losers. That's who. I hope none of you are losers, but have a glitterific day, even if you are.

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