Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Adams Family

Hello, and happy Wednesday to you all! I'm just watching "The Adams Family Values," and wanted to bring my love for the movies to this blog. There are just so many amazing lines and characters in them, and my favorite character has to be Wednesday. Appropriate, right? You know, seeing as it is Wednesday... But one of my favorite lines of all time is when she and Pugsley go to summer camp, and Morticia says "Wednesday is in that special place, when there's only one thing on her mind." "Boys?" Amanda's mother asks, to which Wednesday replies, "Homicide." If you want to watch it, I found a "Best of Wednesday Adams" video, and that scene is at 3:53. Personally, I think that the Adams Family should never be thought of as just a "Halloween Movie," and should be watched every day! Maybe some day it will be, but until then, have a glitterific day!

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