Monday, June 23, 2014

Orange Hair, Green Hair, Moz and E

So my hair was very briefly orange before I let my friends attack my hair again with bleach and turned it white again. I also then made the likely poor decision to hand a pair of scissors each to two of my friends and let them cut my hair. They each stood on one side and ended up forgetting to check the other side at any point, and then it was mostly all the length of my bangs. It's sort of terribly uneven but I've just kind of left it for the past three months (except for changing the color to hot pink/purple to green then lavender and now black) and just started cutting my bangs again a couple weeks ago.
In May I got to go see Morrissey (who is my favorite human) in concert with a bunch of my friends and it was incredibly wonderful. When we were going in, a photographer from LA Weekly took a picture of us and it's in a slideshow of the show.
Then, my parents took my friend Sophie and I down a week or two ago to see the EELS and the same guy took our picture again, and it is once more in a slideshow.
So, now we are just about up-to-date on my hair and outfits since November or so.
I hope you've had a lovely year and that it stays lovely.

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