Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Flower Power

Dress: Vintage, Jacket: DIY
Today I wore a vintage floral-printed shift dress with my died and painted jacket, black tights and my black Chelsea-boots. I wanted to do something interesting with my makeup so I vaguely followed this Rookie tutorial to put flower petals around my eyes. Tbh I didn't have any eyelash glue so I used a glue stick because I always use those to glue things to my face.
Because of the time change and because I still work in the theater until after 6 it's been impossible to get nice outside photos this week but at least my room is cool so I can take some pictures in here, even if they don't look as nice. Although, they do offer a nice display of my displayed obsessions with Morrissey and One Direction, featured on both my wall in these pictures and on my bed in the form of a Morrissey pillow case and the One Direction t-shirt I wore on Monday and have yet to put away.
I hope you have a lovely day!

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