Thursday, January 14, 2016

Glad to See Ya

Top: Forever 21, Skirt: Thrift Store, Socks: Target, Shoes: Asos
Today I wore lots of hearts because my mom gave me these rad dinosaur socks yesterday and they have sparkly red hearts on them so I had to coordinate. I wore some really thin pale pink tights and then sort of just stuck some plastic gems in them so that the tights were holding them in place and it was kind of weird but I liked that it looked like they were just magically on my legs.
In my hair I wore the first camellia bloom of the season (which is very exciting and it's really pretty and there was a large bug in it at the end of the day that may or may not have been in my hair all day) and a bunch of gladiolas.
I hope you have a glitterific day!

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