Sunday, March 24, 2013

Riot Grrrl Documentaries

Hi, everyone! Sorry, I feel bad that I've only posted 3 things so far this month, but first I got sick and then (of course, right as I was typing up a post) our computer started being super wonky and not working, so I haven't been able to do anything the past few days. I have a whole bunch of pictures and things that I need to post from the past few weeks, but I really wanted to post two documentaries I watched today that I thought were really cool and interesting and only increased my undying need to be in a girl gang. I'll give my own descriptions, but, as always, sorry if they're terrible.
1. Dirty Girls
This is an 18 minute documentary shot by Michael Lucid as a high school student in 1996, about a group of 13 year old, 8th grade riot grrrls, called "The Dirty Girls." They are know by that name due to their wearing “clothes you might find in a garbage can,” and rumors that they haven't bathed in ages (which they deny). The girls make their own feminist zines which they distribute around school, much to the horror of their peers, most of whom think that riot grrrl is old news, and that feminism is terribly uncreative. The documentary interviews not only members of the Dirty Girls, but also their peers, as they laugh at the girls and give their views on them. Amber, one of the main Dirty Girls, says some really cool things, though, about how they really just don't care what people think of them, and people hate them for it.

2. Don't Need You - The Herstory of Riot Grrrl
 I think this one's pretty self-explanatory. It's a documentary about the history (or herstory) of the Riot Grrrl movement. It's cool because it interviews all of these amazing women who were founding members of it, including Allison Wolfe and Kathleen Hanna, along with a ton of other people. It's really interesting to watch, and see how the whole thing started and grew, and it's cool to see it all from their perspectives. (I could only find a sort of trailer type of thing for it to have on here, but you can see the whole thing on YouTube here.)
I hope you all have a glitterific day!

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