Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Zombie-Jesus Day!

Happy Easter/ Zombie-Jesus Day! Ok, again, sorry I haven't posted in a week, but I haven't really been on the computer for more than a few minutes at a time because I've been helping my mom with photo-shoots, and cleaning my room, and doing all kinds of things all week (which was spring break for me and most school-aged people). Today, my mom and I drove down to the Ventura flea-market, which was super awesome, and I got three new very well-priced vintage dresses, a cool vintage skirt, and an alligator suitcase, all of which I'm sure will soon be shown, but I wanted to post zombie pictures/tutorials I took on Tuesday (I think it actually might have been Wednesday now that I think about it).
You can't say that zombies aren't Easter-y. Jesus rose from the dead, and isn't that the whole point of Easter? The whole reborn/coming back to life/new life thing? Plus, zombies are pale. Pastel.
Since it was spring break, and I didn't want to spend the whole time on the computer, I needed activities to keep me occupied. And what better activity than zombiefication? I got my friend Ember to come over, and then dressed us both in some ghoulish threads (is threads still relevant slang? It should be.), and zombiefied us. I don't think we gave me a back-story, but hers was that she was hit in the head with a brick (resulting in a head wound), then fell/was thrown into a freezing river, where she got hypothermia. The result (after a little decomposition) looked like this:
Here's basically how I did it:
 I used white clown makeup super lightly all over her face, blending it down her neck, and then just a little bit on her collarbones (so that they would look pronounced, giving her a more gaunt look). I had her put on super thick black eyeliner, then used black and gray eyeshadow on her upper lids, doing sort of an exaggerated smokey eye-type thing, then used blue under her eyes, so that they'd look kind of sunken and dead.
I used a light blue eye shadow with a thin paintbrush to paint veins near major arteries (the neck, the temples, etc.). I just mixed some water with the makeup so it'd be easier to work with.
I didn't get a good picture of just this on it's own (and I should have done it before the veins but I forgot), but I used gray and blue makeup on a blush-brush to enhance the whole gaunt look. I used it under her cheek bones and collar bones, to make them stand out more. You can also use this near the mouth or on the sides of the nose if you want to look super sunken and corpse-like,
 For her head wound, I used some bright red stage makeup on a Q-tip to draw a line from her hair-line down to her jaw, being careful to follow where something drippy would go, which kind of curves around the bone structure of your face, not just in a straight line. I put extra just at the start of her hair so that it looked like it'd pooled up before dripping. If you (like me) have only ultra-bright red to use, which is not a very good color for aged-zombie blood (any dried blood should be more of a rust color), you can take any sort of brassy brown, or even gold-ish eyeshadow and use that over the red to turn it more of a blood red.
After this, I used a little bit of the white face-makeup on her lips, to drain the color, then dabbed light-blue eyeshadow on them, but not in a perfect lipstick kind of way. I wanted it to look more like her lips were being frozen, so it was more haphazard.

I think for mine I had been stood up for prom or something and then died for my back story, although I'm not quite sure how it happened. Anyway, mine looked like this:
Here's how I did mine:
(Same as Ember's up until the wound)
I don't know why, but the cheek-hole thing is my favorite type of decay whenever I do zombie makeup. It's just really fun, and this one's definitely the best one I've done. I outlined a kind of squiggly, imperfect shape on my cheek, then drew some teeth shapes inside. I filled it it (minus the teeth) with red stage makeup, then did the same thing as Ember's wound, putting some brassy color over it, to make it a more bloody red.
My sister gave me this thing of peel-off face-mask for Christmas a while ago, and I've always thought I could use it to do a cool makeup, and I finally got around to trying it. It dries clear, so I put a little bit of it around the boarder of my cheek-hole shape, then waited for it to dry. While I waited, I applied my favorite black lipstick.
Sorry, I didn't get many pictures of the step-by-step of this, but once the mask stuff dried, I rubbed the edges that were touching the wound a little bit so that they just barely peeled off, then finished coloring my wound. I put white stage-makeup on the teeth, outlining them in blackish purple, and drew some veins in purple. I put some yellow around the wound, to make it look kind of puss-y and gross, and also used some blue too. One piece of the mask accidentally peeled all the way off, but I just put some red underneath it and made it look like an extra little wound. All together, I think it looked pretty rad. Plus, it'd really fun to peel off later:
I also may have put multiple colors of food coloring in my hair because I was bored and wanted to have a rainbow on my head.

 Of course, sense we were all dressed up, we had to go do a quick photo shoot.
And of course, while we were at it, why not dress up as witches raising the dead?
The outfits (All clothes are mine, except for Ember's tank-top):
Ember's zombie outfit-
Dress: a hand-me-down from my sister, so I don't know, but I added a corset to the back, which reminds me of Frankenstein's monster for some reason. Gloves: DIY, Socks: Sock It To Me, Shoes: (We actually each got a heel and a flat, to exaggerate our zombie-limps) Heel from Payless, Flat from Target.
 Chloe's zombie outfit:
Dress: Same deal as Ember's (including the corset, but I pinned up one side of it so it'd look kind of tattered), Fishnets (modified to be worn as a shirt): DIY? Originally from F21, Tights: h&m, Shoes: Heel from Payless, Flat from Target.

Ember's witch outfit:
Tank-top: Hers, so I don't know, Skirt: Vintage, Veil: My old dress-up box, Hat: Same as veil

Chloe's witch outfit:
Slip: Vintage, Fishnets and tights are the same as in the zombie outfit. Veil and Cape from my old dress-up box.

I hope you all have a glitterifically ghoulish Easter!

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