Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Girl Talk

Outfit Details- Slip: Vintage, Apron: I'm not sure, but probably Anthropology, Crinolines: Vintage, Tights: #forever21, Shoes: Vintage, Belt: #forever21
Today, Kate Nash's new album Girl Talk came out in the US, so naturally I woke up early to buy the album (which was and possibly still is on sale) which is completely amazing. I feel like anyone who's only heard her first album, Made of Bricks, and even just some of her second on, My Best Friend Is You, would probably hear this on, and just be really confused, because a lot of the songs sound completely different than the majority of her previous ones, but I really like them. I kind of outlined this more in my post about her song 3AM (which was also about her musical evolution and all of that), but if you've heard Mansion Song, or any of the Death Proof EP or even Take Me To A Higher Plane, than Girl Talk just kind of makes sense. And personally, I love it.
I like that there are more pop-y sounding songs, like 3AM or OMIGOD!, but then there's Rap For Rejection (which kind of reminds me of Knock 'em Out by Lily Allen mixed with Mansion song, but that might be one of those things that only makes sense to me), or Sisters which I love because throughout it you can just hear the strain on her throat from all of the screaming and yelling, but it just sounds kind of amazing. That's only the very beginning of the amazing songs on this album, so I would completely and totally suggest getting it, or at least listening to it through YouTube or something, because it's awesome.
Also, has anyone else seen her video for Girl Gang? Because it's pretty much the most badass thing ever, and it makes me really want to go find a girl gang to hang out with so that we can have vintage slip-clad slumber parties and wear creepers and go beat up mean boys and force them into girl clothes and play awesome punk shows together. That's basically all I want in life.
For my outfit, I took inspiration from her amazing intro video for the album, which featured a ton of pretty, girly things, like frilly socks, sparkly aprons, and victory rolls and pigtails. Without meaning to, my outfit ended up all white but it works. I wore a vintage slip (which I dyed fuchsia after school and plan to wear tomorrow), with a lacy apron, over a couple of vintage crinolines. I put a very glittery purple belt over the apron, and wore polka-dotted nylons with these kickass majorette boots that I found at a thrift store yesterday for 5 dollars!! They are super amazing, and make me feel like Lily (of Dash & Lily) whenever I put them on. When I found them, I was so in disbelief that they existed, let alone were 5 dollars and in my less than common 9.5 or so shoe size, that I made my mom read the tag too before I let myself even try them on, in fear of crushing disappointment at them not fitting. But, alas, they fit, and are super beautiful, and are really nice for twirling. They're even a teensy bit big, which only makes me feel more like Lily, especially when they make a happy little clippety-clack as I walk down the street, singing "These boots were made for... Slipping out of... Lalala.... Hahaha" under my breath. I promise I'm not crazy. If you've read Dash & Lily's Book of Dares, that makes complete sense.
And, to explain the flowers; Michaels was having a sale on a certain brand of fake flowers, with 50% off, so I kind of went crazy and came home with arm fulls of flowers, which I plan to use to make a gogillian flower crowns. I've already made two, so I'll have to do a tutorial for my next one.
I hope you all have a glitterific day!

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