Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Call for Guest Posters

Hi! I just wanted to type up a super quick post since I didn't get a chance to do any outfit pictures again today. The school musical (In the Heights) is still running for the next two weekends, as I mentioned in my last post, and as I'm on the costume crew, I haven't and probably won't be able to do many posts until the play is done. So, just in case anyone might be interested but didn't see it in the last post, I'm asking if anyone wants to submit a guest post for me to use? If you have a cool outfit you've put together that you'd like to share, or a DIY, tutorial, or photo-shoot, I'd love to put it up! It doesn't matter if you have a blog yourself or not, I always just think it's always kind of fun to see guest post on blogs.
I know I've had times before when I didn't post for a while, but since I know about this one ahead of time, I figured it'd be fun to ask some other people to do some posts for me. It's always a cool way to find out about other blogs, and about some really cool people!
I do have one picture to share real quick, though. I just took a picture of my hair with my webcam, because it's been fading and it's all pastel and curly and pretty, and it looks like cotton-candy.
My expression looks kind of dead-pan, but my hair looks cool, so it works.
I wish you all a glitterific day!

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