Sunday, April 7, 2013


Outfit Details- Shirt, bat clip, and tutu: DIY, Black tights: Target, Striped tights (modified): Leg Avenue, Cloak and modified spiderweb fabric: From my old costume box, Fishnets (modified): Forever21, Boots: (knock-off) Doc Martins
There were so many pieces to this outfit, I'm not even sure if I got them all. You can put a comment if there's anything you're curious about that I didn't put.
It's kind of cool, because I realized that almost every aspect of my outfit (from Monday) was either DIY, altered, or found in my old costume box. I wore my black cat shirt which I painted last weekend, along with the tutu I also made last weekend out of some vintage tulle I got at a sale for 10 dollars (there was a huge bag of it). I cut the seam on my spiderweb fabric (which is technically supposed to be worn as some sort of arm band thing), and tied it around my waist as a sash.
I was having issues with my striped tights for so long, because I love black and white striped tights, but they only ever come in "One size fits all" and in really cheapy fabric. Those do not go well together. It's not even like the tights are too small per say, just too short for my 5-9ish frame, so already that's an issue, but since the cheapy fabric doesn't stretch well, I end up with what I have dubbed "crotch-knee" every time I wear them (that's when the tights just immediately sag so that the crotch part ends up at your knees, making it very difficult and uncomfortable to walk), but you can't get a taller size, because of the stupid one-size-fits-all thing. If anyone happens to know of a place to buy black and white striped tights made from fabric with better stretch and preferably in multiple sizes, please comment and let me know. I've been searching to no result for a very long time.
So: My solution. At Christmas, I finally just got fed up with my too-short tights, and cut them up. Well, I just cut them into over-the-knee socks. But, as there is no stretch in them, they still just fall down, but (still better than crotch-knee), they just kind of bunch up around my ankles as soon as I walk. So, I wore another pair of tights underneath, and safety-pinned the striped ones to those. It worked pretty well, but you need to make sure your safety pins aren't broken or anything, because it would kind of hurt to get stabbed in the leg.
I kind of love this cloak. It's sort of super amazing. I wore it last week for my sewing lesson, along with a black crinoline, a black peplum shirt, purple tights, and my cat shoes. Oh, and my black cat-ear hat. My parents called me "Goth Kitty" for the rest of the day, although I pointed out that I wasn't even wearing black lipstick. Ok, I was wearing purple lipstick and quite a bit of eyeliner, but there was no black lipstick.
I hope you all have glitterific days!

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