Sunday, April 7, 2013

C Is For CHLOE Who Used the Wrong Bleach (Style Inspiration: Edward Gorey)

Outfit Details- Blouse, Dress (I cut the sleeves off), Belt, and Coat: #forever21; Tights: #Anthropology; Shoes: Zappos; Cameo: Etsy
I wore this outfit on Tuesday, and spent the day reading "The Gashlycrumb Tinies"and drawing a few of my friends and I as characters in it. At the top, I included my picture, which holds the caption "C is for CHLOE who used the wrong bleach" because I decided that if Edward Gorey were to kill me off, it would probably be through my own mix-up of hair bleach and cleaning bleach (which I know wouldn't necessarily kill you, but I'm sure it could).
In honor of Edward Gorey drawings everywhere, I had to wear some kind of light beige-and-black, uniform-style outfit, so I chose a light beige scotty dog-printed blouse (but they kind of remind me of bats) with a black peter pan collar, a black jumper-type of dress, black tights, beige-and-black oxfords, and a grey pea-coat. I safety pinned my skeleton cameo to my collar, which seemed very appropriate, and tied a big black bow in my hair. For my makeup, I used dark colors, but still kept them semi-light, with plum lipstick and lightly applied black eyeliner.
Edward Gorey is just the bomb diggity. I've kind of always known that, but I read this article about him on Rookie a while ago, and his bomb-diggity-ness was solidified.
While looking up a link for The Gashlycrumb Tinies, I stumbled upon this video on YouTube, and became kind of immediately obsessed. It's kind of weird but amazing. I just wanted/needed to share.
I hope you all have a glitterifically bomb diggity day!
Chloe (who used the wrong bleach)
P.S. I tried to recreate my Edward Gorey-inspired illustration, but I couldn't find any bleach anywhere, so I grabbed a laundry detergent tin. You can still get the idea.

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