Friday, September 20, 2013

Orthopedic Shoes Are the Best.

Sorry I haven't gotten to post anything for a few weeks, but I've been super busy with the beginning of school and being the head of the costume crew (which is marvelous by the way). This was from the second week of school, right after I bought some new (orthopedic) shoes. Pretty much every pair of shoes I own is in some state of falling apart, with most in the later stages. My mom took me to Payless, and after browsing through a bunch of sneakers and flats, I found these. The box proclaimed that they were orthopedic, and have "no slip grips" on the bottom, pretty much confirming that they were made specifically for Lunch Ladies and the elderly. Of course, that only increased my immediate love for them. At first, my mom was skeptical, but when I put them on, she admitted that they were "weirdly cute. Like, they shouldn't be. But they are." And now I own them, and they are incredibly comfortable.
I also added a Kate Nash style purple streak to my hair.
(Kate Nash)
I hope you have a wonderful day!
Outfit Details
Shirt and skirt: vintage
Tights: Forever 21
Shoes: Payless

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