Sunday, October 6, 2013

Style Inspiration: Gothic Lolita

This outfit was inspired by the style of Gothic Lolita. I read this how-to a while ago, and basically went off of what I remembered. It's not exact, but I tried to incorporate some of the elements. I think it's a really cool style, partially just because it reminds me of Edward Gorey illustrations, which I love.
I wore a teal blouse under a black dress, with white bloomers and a black petticoat. I also wore black stockings which I painted white bats on a while ago, and my lunch-lady shoes. I half pinned up my hair, and tied a black ribbon around it in the back. Half-way through the day, I took off my crinoline because it kept getting in the way, and wore my outfit with just my dress and bloomers, and I liked how that looked, so I have a picture of it like that, too.
Outfit Details:
Dress and blouse: Forever 21
Crinoline: Sam's
Bloomers: Woodfrock on Etsy (They are made to order, so can be made in non-child sizes)
Shoes: Payless
I wish you all a lovely day!

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