Friday, March 20, 2015

Lillian the Ladybug

 Kimono: h&m, Slip: Vintage and hand-dyed, Tights: Forever21,
Rosie-wrap: Retroville, Boots, Betsy Johnson
Just as I was finishing up my pictures earlier I found a ladybug in the grass and then she crawled on me long enough for me to take 131 pictures and we're bros and I named her Lillian and it was super cool so we took a bunch of glamor shots and it was chill.
Today I wore my kimono thing saftey-pinned up the front over a pink slip and polka dot tights. I also threw on my Rosie-wrap and my animal necklace that I got at a flea market a few years ago to keep up my Auntie Mame look.
I hope you have an absolutely lovely first day of spring!

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