Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Riot Grrrl Jacket

Outfit Details: Dress and Belt- #forever21, Jacket- Thrifted/DIY, Tights- Asos, Boots- (knock-off) Doc Martins
Hello everyone! Yeah, so I haven't posted anything in about a month.... I think that's because it's almost the end of the school year (Like, school ends in four days or something), and that's when you realize you're almost failing certain subjects, and you kind of have to put all of your energy into not having to retake those next year, and then once you've done your work for those you just want to sleep and not do anything. Fortunately,and kind of oddly, I did take pictures at least once a week or so of my outfits, and I've got a ton that I've never gotten a chance to post, so for a good week or so when summer begins I'll be able to hibernate and just post old pictures instead of having to actually put together outfits. Also, so many awesome thing shave happened that I'll have to do posts on later. For example: I went to see Kate Nash in concert on May 10th, and I hugged her and she signed my vinyl, and she took a picture with me. it was possibly one of the greatest moments of my life.
So, about this outfit: I wore the green dress that I got at Forever 21 in December, which is, I tell you with great pleasure, Kate Nash-approved. As in, I wore it to the concert and she said she loved my dress, and asked where I got it. Obviously, this is now my favorite dress. I wore it over a pair of polka dotted tights and my docs. I also wore (for a week straight) my new denim jacket. I bought it as just a plain, lightly worn jacket at the thrift store, then pimped it out with paint and buttons. I painted a ribcage on the back in white paint, and made a patch using a square of vintage fabric, with pink paint and glitter spelling out "Riot Grrrl" with a feminist-fist. I also made a few pins, including a red felt heart that I embroidered "feminist" in cursive on, a small white-felt-ribbon with "feminism is cool" painted on, and my feminist rosette. Sensing a theme? On one side i just sewed on a crap-load of vintage buttons and a few pendants from necklaces. My mom let me add a few of her old pins since these pictures were taken, including a round one saying "Johnny Rotten, Not to be Forgotten," another with Frank Sinatra's face accompanied by the (very true) phrase "It's Sinatra's World, We Just Live in It."
I also dyed by hair lavender, and my extensions violet. Since then, I've made my hair turquoise with violet tips, and left the extensions the same.
Regarding my pictures, I really don't know what happened while I was taking them, except that they're amazing. For whatever reason I ended up looking like a monster in one and a ballerina in another. I have no idea what I was doing while the camera was going, but it produced some awesome pictures, including the amazing glitter-shot at the end. My camera and tripod are covered in glitter, but it was completely worth it.
I wish you all a glitterific day!

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