Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Theater Awards Night

Outfit Details- Ruffled Blouse: (Was my sister's, so I don't know), Crinoline: Sam's, Gloves: DIY,  Pink Blouse: Vintage, Boots: Betsey Johnson (I added tulle instead of laces), Clips: Forever 21
 This is what I wore two weeks ago for our Theater Awards Night. Every year, our school's theater company, DPTC, has an end of the year award ceremony, where awards are given to everybody for various things. I received the "Excellence in Costume Crew" award:
The girl giving the award has known my sister for a while, so her precursor to the award was something along the lines of "This girl: her sister's an old friend of mine, and she's... Colorful. She has a lot of confidence in what she wears, and that's important." and at that point every one of my friends laughed and started to lean over each other, and gave me these wide-eyed knowing looks of anticipation. When they announced my name, they all clapped really loud, and my boots made a happy little clippety-clack noise when I walked up to the podium. There was a boy who was holding all of the girls hands when they'd walk up the stairs, probably because they were all wearing heels and would probably trip without the help, but since I was wearing combat-boots, I offered him my arm instead.
Although most people wore their prom dresses and heels, I wore a blue floral ruffled top with my black crinoline. I wore them over a black lacey slip, which peaked out the top and blended in with the bottom, and I really liked how it looked. I wore charcoal over-the-knee socks, and my ruffled combat boots, which I like to wear for special occasions, or just when I feel fancy. I've previously replaced the laces with aqua tulle ribbon. I also wore fishnet fingerless gloves, made from a modified pair of tights. Because it was night and a little bit chilly, I also wore a vintage pale pink silky Chinese-style shirt as a jacket. I wore my hair to the side with my violet extensions, with black and gray fabric flower clips.
Personally, I just really completely loved my outfit for that night. It was really pretty but kind of dark and over-all just me.
I hope you all have a glitterific day!

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