Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Own Sneakers.

Outfit Details- Dress: Forever 21, Sneakers: Target, Hat: Most likely some sort of party store
In these pictures you can at least see some little bit of my room, and I'm still planning to post a few of it over-all. I'm about 99 percent sure that I haven't had a single post where I wore sneakers. Most-likely because I didn't own any, and partially kind of boycotted them... Until now. I don't really hate sneakers or anything, but most of them just kind of annoy me. I usually avoid them except for the horrible running shoes that I have to wear for P.E. This is in part, I think, the reason for my animosity towards athletic footwear. If I hear sneakers, I think of the bulky, foamy-rubber-soled, white running shoes I've been wearing for about an hour a day since 7th grade. When I needed tennis shoes for hikes or runs, I usually just borrowed my mom's. People (mostly my parents) have been telling me for ages that I ought to get a pair, but whenever I looked, I just never liked any. Finally, I found this pair of men's high-tops at Target, and didn't hate them. I tried them on and liked them, although I quickly changed back into my Doc Martins as soon as they were confirmed to fit. Once I got home, I started thinking of outfits I could wear them with, and put this together the next day.
High-tops always make me feel like a little kid, which is fun, so I paired them with my apple-print, peter-pan-collared dress. I came across this cowboy hat somehow, liked it, and put it on. I decided that only pig-tails could give justice to the outfit, so grabbed some hair ties. Over-all, I was kind of digging the look.
I hope you all have a delightful day!
P.S. If you noticed, I haven't used "Have a glitterific day" for the past two posts, because I've ended every post for the past year with it, and I'm kind of bored of it. I want to use some other adjectives.

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