Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Think the People at Home Depot Think I'm Weird.

Outfit Details- Dress: Vintage, Sweater and Belt: Forever 21, Boots: (knock off) Doc Martins, Purse: MochiBeaucoup.com
So, in what (I think) is the first glance at my new room (as it was a couple weeks ago), this is what I wore to run over to Home Depot for some more paint. I think we ran over there at least five times in about a week. Each day I wore a different outfit, and (for the second half of the week) a different hair color. My outfits ranged from old P.E. shirts (as seen in the last pictures) and vintage skirts, thrown on over old shorts in an effort to look semi-presentable, to floor-length dresses and combat boots (as shown in the first pictures). Each was met with odd looks and couples pausing their searches for just the right color for their accent walls in order to (very subtly) glance at the peculiarly colored girl. Strangely, it was my second hair color that received the more positive responses, contrary to what I would have guessed. Wondering what my current color is? I actually didn't get any pictures right after I dyed it, and it's kind of faded now, but I'll try and get some pictures up tomorrow. Until then, I did take a picture of the dye before I used it.
For whatever reason, all of the men who were about my grandpa's age working there just loved my green hair. They all just pointed to it and said something about what a lovely shade of green it was, or that I was very festive for St. Patrick's day (which isn't until March).
It's always kind of cool to see how people will react to my hair, and who will. I'm almost always surprised with the results. Sure, you get some weird looks or comments (for instance, with the hair color in the above pictures, which I kind of liked faded, I was told that it looked like I was "prematurely graying," which only makes me want to dye my hair silver even more), but it's always fun when kooky old women come up to you on the street and ask you how you did your hair, because they've been thinking about doing theirs, and do you think they should try it out? The answer is nearly always, "Yes."
I hope you have a magnificent day,

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