Sunday, July 14, 2013

Miss Quincea

Outfit Details- Dress: Hand-me-down, Shorts: Vintage, Tights: h&m, Boots: (knock-off) Doc Martins, Bows: Claire's
 So, this is what I wore two weeks ago on my birthday. I wore a black lace dress with lavender lace bloomer-shorts, and striped tights. I put my hair in pigtails and black bows. I also wore four bracelets: A pink glitter-filled rubber one from the arcade in the bowing alley, a rainbow skull one from my godmother, a red heart one from the flea market, and a green kind of wicker one that my friend brought back for me from I think Mexico.
Since I turned fifteen, I decided that I needed to have a Quinceanera, even if I have pretty much no Hispanic heritage. Since I'm me, it also had to involve zombies. Here are the pictures from my Zombie-Quinceanera:
 I wore a thrift-store wedding dress that we found for 20 dollars. I laid it out in the backyard and burned a bunch of holes in it, then splattered it with fake blood. I also had a "Miss Quince" sash, and a half-melted crown.
 My guests included two other zombies and two humans.
 For my cake, I had three different-colored layers (one of which broke, but we figured it was a zombie cake, so it kind of worked), with white and red icing. We made it one of those barbie-cakes, but I took the barbie outside first and burned/melted half of her face with a lighter. I stuck half-gummy worms in it, and filled the cracks with black icing.
After we ate cake and did presents, we watched "Warm Bodies," which is one of my favorite movies, then we made a giant blanket fort. We used six sheets, slinging one over the beam, and tying the others to it. We took all of the cushions off of the couches and laid them on the floor like a huge mattress. Whenever my sister or I make a fort using one set of sheets that are covered in cats, we always call it a "Kitty-Cat Castle," after one that she made a few years ago.
I hope you have a splendid day!


  1. Happy birthday, Chloe! I absolutely love the black lace dress you wore on your birthday! The fort looks super cool...maybe I'll build one with my friends on my birthday (which is actually coming up pretty soon!)

    1. Thank you! Forts are so fun. We just used a fake candle as a light and told scary stories for most of the night, and it was awesome. I would definitely suggest making one.
      Happy early birthday!

  2. yay! sooo much fun! #toocoolforschool #CirqueduQuirks