Wednesday, December 16, 2015

All of the Flower Crowns

Top: Hand-me-down, Sweater: Forever 21, Skirt: Flea market, Socks: Forever 21, Shoes: Thrifted and painted
Today was the Econ Fair at school, where seniors get into groups and sell products that they've made/brought and in my group I was selling flower crowns with fresh flowers. I honestly have no idea how many flower crowns I made today because I just sat and made them for about three or four hours. I ended up with one left over so I wore it for the rest of the day. Here is one that my mom bought from me when she dropped off some extra wire for me:
I used mostly carnations, roses and baby's breath. It was fun because I like making flower crowns and it was cool looking around and seeing all these different girls wearing them then.
Because we were supposed to dress professionally, I wore a floral button-up that my mom gave me with a ribbon tied under the collar, a mint green pullover with my feminist rosette, a black skirt and tights, mint ruffled socks and white oxfords. The shoes were just old black oxfords that I spray painted white and intend to paint some kind of pretty pastel color. They're about two sizes too big but they're pretty and they make me feel fancy so I just stuffed the toes with paper towels.
I hope you have a glitterific day!

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