Thursday, December 17, 2015

Out Of This World

Dress: Forever21, Boots: Painted docs
Today I felt like a space alien. After three or four outfit changes that did't feel right, I settled on this turquoise retro-style dress with two pairs of blue-green fishnets, turquoise socks and my now-white doc martins. I've gotten into kind of a shoe painting phase but there's something kind of cool and spacey about white boots, especially when I added neon green laces and an alien sticker along with a couple of silver stars.
For my pictures I hung up a white sheet because I've never tried it and I wanted to see how it'd work. It was kind of weird but I might try it again. I also tried to take a few pictures with the moon because I felt spacey but it's very difficult to do those by yourself so I settled for an out of focus shot with my arms kind of in the frame.
To go with my alien #aesthetic I put my hair in space buns and added hoards of green and pink glitter. I also used lots of blue and green in my makeup, including my lipstick.
All day I had Alien Love Song by the Sulk Scouts stuck in my head, which you should check out because they're rad. I saw them at Burger A Go Go and they were super fun. Plus, their album is free on Bandcamp.
I hope your day is ~out of this world~

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