Friday, December 4, 2015

On Fleek

Shirt: X, Skirt: Hand-me-down, Tights: Kmart (probably), Boots: h&m
Today I wore an X t-shirt, an old skirt, leopard-print tights and chelsea boots, with very very glittery eyebrows. I really like this shirt because the front has the cover of the Los Angeles album and the back has the lyric sheet. I got my shirt when I saw them sophomore year but they've got it on their site too.
I checked Rookie at school today and saw that they happened to have just posted an article about glitter eyebrows yesterday. I believe that this is just further proof that Rookie uses cool girl magic to steal thoughts and ideas from my mind to write really good articles that always perfectly emulate and/or dictate my life.
I hope you have an extra glitterific day!


  1. Lol, it's odd that you mention weird girl thought stealing magic. I just pinned a bunch of gilltery eyebrow pics the other night.

    1. I've come to the conclusion that weird girl magic is 100% stronger when it's mixed with the magic of glitter.