Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Housecoat --> Cute Sack Dress

Yesterday I grabbed an old housecoat that I got at the thrift store about a year ago and cut it up. I only ever wore it as-is once or twice because it was ankle-length, long-sleeved and boxy so it was kind of difficult to wear, especially when it's almost always warm out. I cut the bottom off so it's much shorter and gave it rolled-up short sleeves. Now it feels more like a cute sack dress and it's still got the super rad blue and orange floral print.
My style inspiration of the moment is Jender Anomie after I saw the Rookie post with pictures of her. I have since followed her on instagram and have been loving that her life is like a Meadham Kirchoff pop art explosion. Yesterday I drew zigzags under my eyes in white eyeliner inspired by her post on instagram with similar makeup.
I have also decided that I really need a lace ruffled collar because apparently they go with everything.
I hope you have a glitterific day!

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