Monday, July 9, 2012

Finger Waves

Over the weekend, I decided to do something different with my hair (style wise, at least) and started playing around with finger waves. They didn't turn out perfect, but I'll defiantly do them again, because I really liked how it turned out. If you're looking for a good vintage/retro hairstyling book, I have Vintage Hairstyling by Lauren Rennells, which you can look at here, and I use it for everything from a complected up-do, to how to put my hair in rag curls. But, here's basically how I did my hair (sorry, I didn't get very many good pictures so it's not exactly step-by-step):

1) After washing and drying my hair so that it was just a little bit damp, and combing it through, I put it in a side part, and combed it first forward, clipped it, then back, clipped it, and continued with 4 clips. Oh! And because of my bangs, I had to put a palm of mousse in my hair first, and use an extra bobby-pin to keep my bangs in place, but they dried well and stayed all day.
2) Then, I put the rest of my hair in rag curls, starting about parallel with my ears. After that, I put my hair up in a Rosie-Wrap.
3) Wait. Sleep with your hair in the Rosie-wrap, or just for a few hours. Just at least until it dries. With the mousse, it shouldn't take too long to hold. But the rag curls could take a little bit longer, unless you just spray your hair with water until it's damp at first. Sorry if this is confuzing, but I hope I'm not over complicating this too much.

4) Take it all out and spray it with a dash of hair spray!
In the end, my hair reminded me of a star from the 40's or something, so of course I had to make the picture black and white!
Pretty, right?
Outfit: Dress- #Forever 21, Sweater- #Old Navy
Have a glitterific day!

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