Sunday, July 29, 2012


I'm not sure if I've mentioned yet, but I kind of have a thing about zombies (and loving them). It began partially with my friends and I playing "Zombie" in the middle of the field during free time in P.E. a few months ago, then became the theme for my birthday party this year (it was a zombie tea party), and is now the theme of the book my friend Michelle and I are writing. As of this moment, we have about 40 pages, and it's still growing. Like the title of this post, the book is called UnEarthed, get it? Cause it's about zombies and all... Ha. But whether you happen to be curious about what it's about (other than zombies), or just stumbling upon the blog of a young, zombie obsessed girl,  I'll tell you the basics of the plot.

It's in some ways like "Twilight" (we are teenage girls) meets "Romeo and Juliette" meets "Dash and Lily's Book of Dares" (if you haven't read Dash & Lily, you should).  Except with zombies. So, Boo, a sullen teenage girl, misunderstood by her parents, moves to Salem, meeting Lorcan, a zombie who's angst levels rival even her own. She is brought into a community of zombies, who are the only friends she's ever had, their ranks including Raven, the "former" con artist who's been Lorcan's best friend, and is always ready to throw in a sarcastic comment, and keep things from getting too "sappy". All the while, the dark, mysterious history of the zombies past looms over them, while they run from the zombie cops, and try to go unnoticed in a small suspicious town. Yes. We do realize how cheesy and cliche basically all of this sounds, but we're still having fun creating all of these different characters and their back stories, and I promise, so far it's a lot less cheesy than the description...
Today, boredom compelled me to do better character designs, because I always kind of get a better feel for a character when I can sketch them out and see how they look and dress. Here's a few of our main characters:


Lorcan, & Raven

We hope to have filled your head with zombie day dreams and the beginning of a glitterific day!

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