Thursday, July 12, 2012

Striped Nails

Left to Right: Lime Scented Polish (#Forever21), Teal (F21), Turquoise (F21),  Blueberry (F21), Bright Blue (Claire's), Passion Flower (Pura Vida Botanicals), Pink (F21), Red (F21)

Ok, so who doesn't love some colorful stripes? They're just so fun, whether they're in rainbow socks or bright nail polish! So, Last night, I got out a rainbow of nail polish, and painted stripes all over my nails. I used 8 different colors, and a few address labels to do it. First, I cut the address labels into strips about the width and length of my nails, and laid one down on my first nail with the bottom about a third of the way up. Then, I painted it with my first color. Once that had dried a little bit, I put a different label about two thirds of the way up, and carefully painted starting at the edge of the first color, and filling to the label, like this:
 I folded the label a little bit for that part though, so that it would stay on better, and cover the nail more. After that, I just painted the tips a third color.
I tried to use a different color combination on each finger, but there were a few that I was favoring, like lime, pink, and blue/turquoise. My right hand didn't turn out as well as the let, but over all, I liked how they turned out!
I hope you have a glitterific day!

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