Monday, July 23, 2012

Spazzy Sparrows

Blouse- #Forever21
Shorts- #Forever21
Tights- #Anthropology
Shoes- Not sure (sole says Punk Rose)
Scarf- Vintage?

Ever since I acquired an array of colorful gel pens and added them to a few different sharpies, I keep doodling all over my arms and legs. They look like a bunch of tattoos, so i offered to give my cousin a tattoo of what ever he wanted on his arm. It started with a "majestic" bunch of roses like the one on my knee, and ended up with a slightly spazzy (I drew it in a moving car) sparrow, a rosary, and a banner spelling "YOLO". Yes, it was quite a magnificent piece of art. He said that it came off really quickly, but luckily I got a picture of it first.
 I myself have four different flowers and a humming bird on one knee, a butterfly on the other, and a bee hive next to a flee circus on my left arm. I hope you have a glitterific day, filled with spazzy sparrows, and majestic roses!

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