Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School

I know right? Pretty exciting. Yeah, I'm in High School now. Freshman. As always, I got many a comment on my hair and outfit, whether they were "Omigod! I love your hair!" or "Is that your real hair?! Or is that a wig?!" But currently, my hair really does look like it could be a wig, as that Pink Bob wig style seems to be very popular. Oh yeah, I happen to have chopped off my decaying locks for a shorter, bob-style cut. I like it, and it's much better than the gross, elasticy feeling that my hair was getting from so much bleaching lately. It still has a little bit of that, but it's much better. So, for the most important part of the first day of school: My outfit. Here you go:
Outfit details:
Dress- #Forever21
Tights- #Anthropology
Shoes- #Asos
Isn't this just the sweetest dress you ever did see? I love everything from the adorable peter pan collar, to the delicious looking apples that make up the print!
 It's weird because my hair's obviously a lot shorter, but it doesn't have that feeling of "Where did all of my hair go?!?!" But that might also be because I have the aforementioned hair sitting on my dresser in a plastic bag. Wow. That sounded like a serial killer. Does it count if it's locks of my own hair? Hmmm... These are very important questions.

Well, I hope you all have had an exceptionally glitterific day today, whether you attended your first day of High School, or battled a raccoon outside of a biker bar.
P.S. I also got new cat-eye glasses, which you can find here, on eBay! :)

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