Thursday, August 2, 2012

Carousel Rides

 Dress- #Forever 21
Belt- #Forever 21
Crinoline- Vintage
Tights- Costume Store around Halloween
Oxfords- Payless
T-straps- #Asos

Isn't this a fun outfit shoot? It was fun doing it, because you know, it was on a CAROUSEL for a lot of it! I wanted to get some fun pictures to use for banners and things, and so I thought "What's circus-y and quirky? A CAROUSEL!" Sorry for the capital letters, I just really like the carousel. And I was happy I got to wear my new T-straps in the shoot. I drug my friends Michelle and Isabel downtown with me, lugging around that awesome vintage turquoise suitcase (which is much heavier than it looks), receiving some very odd looks and a few requests to take pictures of us, but we got a bunch of really cool pictures! Plus it was so much fun riding on the carousel and frolicking through the park around it.
I hope your day is a glitterific one!

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