Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Flighty in the 60's

 Outfit Details:
Dress- #Forever21
Heart Sweater Clips- DIY
Tights- DIY
Saddle Shoes- Shoe Buy
This dress just reminds me of a 60's flight attendant. Technically, I wore my black Doc Martins to school, but these rad saddle shoes where waiting in the mail for me when I got home from my sewing class, and I've been walking around the house in them ever since. I made myself some knee-patch tights, and if your interested, here's how I did it:
1-2 bottles of fabric paint
1 pair of tights (I got mine at Target for cheap)
A few pieces of cardboard (I just grabbed some out of the recycling bin)
A pair of scissors
1 Pen
 1. Fold a thin piece of cardboard or packaging (whatever you have lying around) in half, and draw half of a heart or just about any symmetrical shape on it, and cut it out.
 2. Put on the tights, using a marker or pen to show where the center of your knee is. After taking them off, work another piece of cardboard (about the width of your knee) down so that the tights are stretched out like they would be when on you, but cover the cardboard with cellophane or something first so it won't stick. Place the heart stencil down, and carefully paint over with whatever color of paint you want. I used white but you can try doing all different color combinations with the tights and the paint.
 3. Paint a few layers, until you can barely see the color of the tights through the paint, and let it sit for a few hours, or overnight.
 I didn't use cellophane on the cardboard the first time I did it, and ended up with bits of paper all over the back, but I just soaked it in the sink before washing it and it came off ok.

 You should end up with something like this. Good luck :)
I hope you have yourself an immensely glitterific day!

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