Friday, August 10, 2012

Abraham Lincoln & The Lochness Monster In Love

Yes. You read the title of this post right. Abraham Lincoln & Nessie have fallen deeply in love, and they are drawn on my knee to prove it. See? They're hanging out with the friendly narwhal.
I have a whole theory about how Abraham Lincoln is TOTALLY secretly alive, and is hiding out with his love, Nessie. What if during the Civil War, he happened to stop by Scotland, to see if they could be made allies in the event that the confederate invented the atomic bomb, and then he got lost, and ended up at Lake Lochness, and then he met Nessie and they fell in love. But, you know, he was married and if the press found out that he'd left her for the Lochness Monster, then how would he ever get a job in politics again?! So, he decided to fake his death! Come on, James Wilkes Booth was an actor! He was SO paid to shoot Lincoln with a stage prop! And then, Lincoln just pretended to die, and used fake blood, and that's why that one guy who's trying to get the pillow with the blood on it to do DNA samples isn't allowed to use it! Because they're trying to cover up the truth! So then, Abe boarded a pirate ship secretly, and then slaughtered the pirates and used the ship ti make a log cabin to live in, and made a fake hollow rock-thing to cover in and fill it with air and keep it from detection. And he and Nessie live there to this day, as they are both immortal and in love! I am currently making a picture book about it, and have the first few pages done. If you happen to be wondering, or not, UnEarthed has more than 70 pages now, and about 12 chapters. 
 Also, I was excited to find that this very blog has currently more than 380 views! Yes! That's right! This very blog, started by a wacky teenaged girl just a little more than a month ago, happens to have been looked at close to 400 times, by people all around the world! I don't know about you, but I think that's kind of cool!
I hope  you have a glitterific day, filled with Abraham Lincoln conspiracy theories, and many a narwhal!

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