Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to Pink

 Before                              After
 This summer I finally got to have my long dreamed of turquoise hair, and I loved it, but, as the new school year is looming ever closer, it was time to tone it down a little bit. So, pastel pink was the obvious choice for school-appropriate hair. Wondering how you can get your own head of candy-colored locks? Here's how I did it:
1- Bleach
I had my mom do that for me, but we first did a little bit around the roots, then worked it from the ends of my hair up, and then put it all over to make sure it was as even as possible. I left it on for about 45 minutes, to make sure it would be light enough for a pastel, but make sure that if you bleach your hair you don't leave it on for much longer than 45 minutes, because your hair will melt off. Seriously. It will be gross. Wash it out really well, shampooing multiple times, but not using conditioner.

2- Color

I used Hot Hot Pink, Manic Panic, but diluted it A LOT with color-safe conditioner. Really. If you want it pastel, DILUTE DILUTE DILUTE! I mostly filled my little color-cup thing with conditioner, and added a teensy tiny drop of pink to it, and stirred it up. You really don't need any more than a smidgen of the color. I left it on under a shower cap for bout an hour, but sense this ends up being like a deep conditioning treatment, you can leave it on for as long as you want because it won't damage your hair, and is really nice after all of the bleaching.
Once you wash it out, you should have cotton candy hair! Tuesday morning, I got to help out with a photo shoot on our farm, and my friend, Isabel and I got to model in a few of the pictures, which was a pretty awesome way to spend my first pink-haired day in a long time. See?
So, that's what good quality pictures look like on this! The picture was taken by Phillip Van Nostrand, a photographer who's taken some pictures here some other times too. I did my hair in victory rolls, which you can see better here.
Outfit details- Dress- #Forever21, Ribbon- From another dress, Shoes- #Modcloth
I hope you have a glitterifically pink day!