Thursday, August 16, 2012

Regina Spektor

For my birthday, I was uber excited to receive a pair of tickets to see Regina Spektor in concert on Tuesday! If you are not yet aware of her awesomeness, then go right now and open a new tab. Then you should just know that she is amazing and is my favorite musician/person. "What kind of music does she play?" you may wonder, and to answere that I will include one of my favorite videos of hers below.
So my mom and I drove down to L.A. to see her at the Greek theater, but of course had to stop at Melrose Avenue first to go through some vintage stores and things. I ended up getting 4 new dresses at American Vintage that were super well priced, at about 20 dollars each, which is way super better than any dresses I've found around here in Santa Barbara. Most of those are anywhere from 50 to 100 dollars and more. So, that was pretty exciting, and then the day just got better when we made a trip to the Hollywood Cemetary on the way over to the concert, and walked around looking at all the cool gravestones and things. We even saw Toto's tomb! See?
And the day ended up actually at the concert, and it was so amazing! She was so wacky but awesome, and kept commenting on how we were in a "magical forest, filled with really nice people." and something about how all she really needed in life was "an f***ing forest and some nice people." I wish I had that thing in Harry Potter where I could just pull a memory hair out of my head and show everyone the whole thing, because I feel like I'm just going to keep going on and on about how magnificent it was, but I don't, so you'll just have to look up videos of her playing live, and pretend you're there.
 Above: Me and my mom at the concert
 Above: Regina Spektor on the keyboard, I think playing "Dance Anthem of the 80's"
Above: Regina Spektor
My Outfit:
Dress- DIY (originally from #h&m)
Belt- #Forever 21
Tights- #Forever21
Shoes- #Modcloth
So, over-all it was a pretty rad day, even if it was pretty hot out. I hope you had as glitterific of a Tuesday as I did!


  1. The photo of you and your mum at the concert is awesome. You look so pretty. I'm glad you had a rad birthday.