Monday, September 17, 2012


Outfit Details:
Blouse- #Forever21
Suspenders- #h&m
Pants- #Forever21
Socks- Betsy Johnson
As you can probably see, it's not often that I wear pants, but I found a pair this weekend that I really like. I always think that vintage men's pants look so cool (way cooler than mos of the pants now), and so I was happy when I found this pair at Forever21. It's cool because they even button on the man side, and that's just super awesome. I realized after I got dressed this morning that I was wearing my "man" pants with my "man" suspenders, which i got in the men's section of h&m, because man suspenders are just so much better quality that girls ones. Also, sorry not to have been posting for a while, but this week in school we actually started to have more homework and tests and things, but I did get an A on my first geometry test of the year, so I think that makes a good excuse to be slacking on blogging.
I wish you all a very glitterific day, filled with pretty pants, and man suspenders!

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